How to book my Wi-Fi router?

  • Online booking

- Book your Wi-Fi router by choosing your options and travel details on our online reservation tool

- When booking, choose your delivery option : upon arrival at Tahiti Faa'a Airport or directly at your hotel if staying in Tahiti (only if your hotel is on the partner list on the form)


  • Partner booking

- Book your Wi-Fi router directly with one of our partners (travel agencies, tour operators...) proposing our service in their package

- Choose your delivery option : upon arrival at Tahiti Faa'a Airport or directly at your hotel if staying in Tahiti (only if your hotel is on the partner list on the form)


How to return my Wi-Fi router?

You have to options to return your Wi-Fi router when leaving Tahiti :

- Airport: you have chosen to return your router at the airport when booking. We will directly collect it with our hostess team before you leave.

We will contact you the day before your departure by e-mail to arrange a precise schedule

- Hotel: you have chosen to return your router at your hotel. Our partner is informed, you just have to leave it at the lobby.

(warning : it only works with our hotel partners in Tahiti, they are specifically listed on the booking form. If your hotel does not appear, please select airport delivery)


Can I choose the rental duration? 

You can book a pocket Wi-Fi from 2 days to 6 months maximum


What if I want to extend / shorten my rental?

For any modification, after booking, please directly contact us by e-mail:


How do you count the rental days? 

The rental starts the day you selected during booking process. Withdrawal time has no effect on your rental price.

Example : if your arrive 5th of March at 11 P.M, your router is blocked all day for you so your rental booking starts the 5th of March (full day).


Can I cancel my rental? 

You can cancel your booking anytime until 24 hours before your arrival, by phone or e-mail.

After this period, 20% of fees are applied on your booking, the other part will be refunded within 72h.


What's happening if I lose my Wi-Fi router or if I return it late? 

If you lose your Tahiti Wifi router, 17 895 xpf additional fees are applied.

In case of delay to return the router, 5000 xpf fees are applied (each day of delay).

Payment is charged on the credit card used for your booking.



What is a pocket Wi-Fi router?

A Wi-Fi router is a small wireless modem creating Wi-Fi connection from 2G/3G/4G network. You are then able to connect your computer, smartphone or tablet easily to Internet without even thinking about data roaming. The Tahiti Wifi router is pre-configured, you just have to put it on to be connected !



What can I do with my Tahiti Wifi router? 

Few examples of use :

- Send and receive emails (with attached documents)

- Contact your friends and family with your favorite apps (Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, Snapchat)

- Surf on Internet, find a restaurant or a pearl store on the Island...

- Post your amazing pictures of French Polynesia in real time

- Use Google Maps...


What is the data limit?
2 GB: you can use 2 GB during your rental period, without daily limit

5 GB: you can use 5 GB during your rental period, without daily limit
10 GB: you can use 10 GB during your rental period, without daily limit


If you exceed your initial package, the router will be blocked. 

You can add data in contacting us in call +689 87 73 93 37

Coût du mo supplémentaire :
1 Gb: 1 778 fcp (14.90 euro)



What can I do with 500 MB / day? 

500 MB / day approximately represents : 

10h of surf 
300 emails, 100 with attached documents
2h of streaming videos
2h of VOIP calls 


How fast is the connection?

Connection is fast if you have 4G ou 3G around you. The router will be connected to the best available network.

Please note that in the remote islands (like Tuamotu), the router will be connected to 2G, you have to be more patient !

You can see the coverage map here


How does it work?


What is the scope of use?

Wi-Fi network is working in a perimeter of 20 meters (66 ft) around the router


How long does the battery last?

The Tahiti Wifi router lasts about 12h30 in 3G use.

It takes 3h for a full reload. Our advice is to charge it every evening for an ideal use the next day.



Is it easy to carry? 

Yes ! The Wi-Fi router is not bigger than a smatphone and weights only 140 grams 



How many devices can I connect simultaneously?


You can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously (smartphone, table, computer, camera...). The more you connect, the more data will be used


Do I need to buy a local SIM card on my phone to make it work?

You don't need to buy anything, your smartphone should recognize the network, even on "airplane mode" with Wi-Fi activated.

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